It has been ages since my last post. So, hey! It's a brand new life. With new school, new class, new classmates and new situation. Semua berubah. Some people were becoming the people that I used to know. Some free-times were becoming the time that I used to know too. Banyak banget yang berubah. Menyangkut my last post, yang berubah itu Robsten. They're getting back together. Great, huh? Menurut gue, it was a big big big surprise!! Kinda unbelieveable but yaaa they're together<3 
Ohya, terus sebentar lagi Breaking Dawn part 2. I'm sooooooo excited! The movie I've been waiting for is going to be released in Cinemas. OMG!!!! I can't explain how excited I am. But, it's sad. This is the last sequel of Twilight, which means Twilight is going to an end. Baaadddd! Feels like I want to watch Breaking Dawn part 2 but I want Twilight has sequel againnnn! Gak tega rasanya liat film favorit kita udahan. Gue pasti bingung nanti mau nunggu apa. Gue pasti bingung nanti mau nonton apa. This is totally saaaddd! :(:( Anddd I can't wait to see Bella's red eyes, and the famous Renesmee Cullen, the cool Edward Cullen anddd the hot Jacob Black<3 ahahahaha
Sebenernya ada satu lagi yang berubah. I have to admit it. Gak penting, but I'm totally broken. I think it makes no sense if I write here, so I will just let this feeling stay on my head. Only God and me who know it. Last, no matter how hard it was, I have to letting it go. And I have to say yes when my heart keeps saying no.