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#13. Congratulation for both of you. Maybe you were made for each other. It could be an awesome relationship. Maybe. Make it last. Don’t ever think to break up. I’m trying to forgetting him. So don’t worry, I’ll never disturb your relationship. ZnrAmrl. Salam #13!:D♡☺:( :( :(

Tanner Patrick♡

I just found an user on youtube named Tanner Patrick. He was re-sing the songs from popular band/singer. First, I was excited to watch his video. Second, I watched it. Third, I'm in love with him. He was pretty cool. He has an awesome voice with a really really really handsome face.

See? He's so damn handsome. I love his green eyes. I love his smile. I love his voice. I love his innocent face. I love him!!! I love 'Pumped Up Kicks' when he sing it. Actually, I like Pumped Up Kicks, even if he didn't sing it :p but I like Pumped Up Kicks so much when Tanner Patrick sing it

First, watch it. Second, love it. :p

With an unbreakable love,

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