I want to taste the life you're having. I want to know how it feels to be you. Surrounded by people who -always love you. Always be the lucky one. Always be the number one. No one hates you. Everyone cares about you. Perfect life. I'd be so damn happy if I were you.

Okay, fangirl-ing session.
I still can't accept the fact that Elena's not with Stefan anymore. She's totally changed. I ship them so hard, but now..

Haaaaaaa. He loves Elena so bad. But why doesn't Elena fight for him. She's not even trying. If I were her, I'd fight for him, no matter what, I'll stay with him. 04x01, she promised him that she'd be forever with him. She keeps feeding him with sweet promises. It's not Damon's fault. It's Elena's. She's just being such a bitch. She dumped Stefan. At the end of sixth episode, Stefan looked so painful. He didn't deserve this pain. I want them to get back together, but Elena should realize how bad she was when Stefan wasn't around. I wish them to get back together in the very-very-very soon. Well, the spoilers said that they're getting back together in eps 10. Like what? I've to wait 4 weeks again to see them together again. I mean like, I don't wanna see Elena and Damon together, please. And the spoilers said that Caroline tell Stefan how to fight for Elena. Bitch, please. The only one who have to fight is Elena, not Stefan. He didn't do anything wrong. But Elena did. Ugh, I keep hating Elena. Sorry. But yes, I don't like her at this time. She's been more selfish and insensitive. I miss the human Elena. I admit it that Elena's better be vampire than human, but she's such a bitch as a vampire. Arggghhhhhh!! Okay, I'm just too obsessed. I'm done, but still, fuck this scene. :)