Tanner Patrick♡


I just found an user on youtube named Tanner Patrick. www.youtube.com/user/TannerPatrick. He was re-sing the songs from popular band/singer. First, I was excited to watch his video. Second, I watched it. Third, I'm in love with him. He was pretty cool. He has an awesome voice with a really really really handsome face.

See? He's so damn handsome. I love his green eyes. I love his smile. I love his voice. I love his innocent face. I love him!!! I love 'Pumped Up Kicks' when he sing it. Actually, I like Pumped Up Kicks, even if he didn't sing it :p but I like Pumped Up Kicks so much when Tanner Patrick sing it

First, watch it. Second, love it. :p

With an unbreakable love,